Digital Marketing (All Platforms)

AED 1,250.00 / month


Managed Digital Marketing Service for All Social Media Platforms and Search Engines

Managed digital marketing service for all social media platforms and search engines.


This Service Package Include:
  1. Ads Account Setup
  2. Ads and Campaigns Creation
  3. Ads Goal Setup
  4. Ads Budget Setup
  5. Audience Targeting Setup
  6. Location Targeting Setup
  7. Ads Compliance
  8. Payment Setup
  9. Ads Performance Monitoring and Enhancement
  10. Reporting


This Service Package is designed for small and medium business, and individuals. We run and optimize advertising campaigns, ensure their compliance and best performance in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing search engines.

We use our e-commerce expertise to ensure cart and call-to-action conversions.

Service fee is paid on monthly subscription per selected platform. Get in touch with us for any further inquiries or custom requirements:


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