3 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Businesses in the United Arab Emirates

June 7, 2021

Best social media marketing platforms in the UAE

Social media penetration in the UAE stood at 99.06% in January of 2020. During the pandemic, when the reliance on social media and internet services increased worldwide, this percentage would’ve almost certainly risen. Hence, it’s safe to say that the UAE population is a viable candidate for online marketing; specifically social media marketing. With over 9.73 million people on social media in the region, there are tremendous opportunities for business marketing.

However, it’s also true that with so many people on social media there’s bound to be saturation. Several established companies would’ve already gained a sizable influence on social media in the region. In this regard, companies need to find the best social media platforms to market their products and services.

So, here are the 3 best Social Media Marketing platforms in the UAE.

1.    YouTube

YouTube is not a typical social media network, but it has by far the largest penetration in the UAE. It has 8.65 million users in the UAE and a vibrant network of influencers. While most people block ads or don’t like ads on their videos, influencers have changed the game.

They endorse products and services on their channels in their own way. Those sponsorships not only earn them money, but also connect their audiences to brands and businesses. With this influencer marketing technique, businesses in the UAE can connect to specific niche audiences. 

2.    Facebook

Facebook isn’t just one of the best UAE social media marketing platforms, it’s one of the biggest in the world. In the UAE, it has over 7.77 million users. It doesn’t just have billions of monthly active users; it is also equipped with marketing tools.

Facebook has made it so companies can reach out to their users, market their products, and setup online stores on site. Even through Facebook messenger, customers can get in touch with companies, ask questions, and buy products. 

3.    Instagram

Instagram is the second largest social media network in the world. It’s connected to Facebook and is youth centric.  Connecting with influencers on the platform has led to the successful marketing of various brands and businesses. With over 6.68 million users in the UAE, Instagram is a very important resource.

With specific images, Instagram stories, reels, etc. companies can connect with several million users at once. They can also promote special contests and give out prizes and promote products with Stories. Since Stories vanish after 24 hours, this can be a huge advantage to companies since they herald immediacy.

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All these UAE social media marketing platforms are incredibly useful for businesses. They provide niche audiences with bulk data of their behavior. They also offer insights into what people like and dislike. These platforms can be a boon to any business wanting to expand their audiences or improve their profits.  

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