5 Logo Design Tips for Businesses in the United Arab Emirates

April 20, 2021

Media production

A company’s logo can be the vessel for reflecting the company’s values. Which is why it is important to focus on creating a memorable logo that distinctively identifies the company.

Logo design is an important element of brand building. You must hire a professional media production company in the United Arab Emirates for logo design. Here are some tips for a professional logo design for companies in the UAE.

1. Appropriate Colors

Color is the most important element of a logo. To create a unique visual identity, you need to opt for a color that is not used by any of the competitors. Moreover, the color should reflect the product and services that you offer to the customers.

You should use a typeface that is not common in your industry. But don’t pick a color just to be different. The selected color should also have an association with your business.

2. Simple Design

A simple design is important for creating a logo. The design of the logo should not be too complex.

Way too often clients end up focusing on the intricacies of the logo. They lose track of what matters the most in creating a positive impression.

Let’s look at the Apple and Coca-Cola logo for a moment. The simple design makes the logo memorable. Moreover, the simple logo looks great in all sizes.

An intricate logo will not be as impactful as a simple logo. Your company’s logo needs to be concise and clear rather than complex and visually busy.

3. Balanced Design

A logo should also have a harmonious look. The design should be balanced at the center. A logo that shifts the focus to one side creates a negative impact. It will be easier for users to remember the log if the design is polished and balanced.

A balanced design is about symmetry, spacing, and alignment. Achieving balance is critical as it will have a positive visual impact on the viewers.

4. Perfect Contrast

Using the right contrast is also important to create a good impression. It will attract the attention of people in a positive way.

Contrast is about choosing opposite color elements. Using the right contrast will make your logo stand out. A professional logo designer can create a split design by creating contrast with lines and shapes.

5. Distinct Design

A distinct design is also important to create a strong online presence. You need to create a memorable design that makes your company stand apart from the competition.

Logos are the mascot of your firm. Your company’s logo must make your business easily identifiable from a glance. A logo also gives the first impression of your company. So, you can create a positive impression by following the tips mentioned in this blog post.

Broll Creative Media FZ-LLC has a team of highly experienced creative graphic designers. We can help create a professional logo design for your company. We also offer digital marketing, social media marketing, and media marketing services to businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Contact us today if you want cheap and affordable media production services in the United Arab Emirates.

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