5 SEO Mistakes that Businesses in Dubai Should Avoid at All Cost

July 21, 2021

SEO in Dubai

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for all online businesses especially for those operating in Dubai. Optimizing your website for search engines will improve the odds of your website appearing on the top pages of the search results page.

With SEO algorithms constantly evolving, it is common to make mistakes that result in a drop in search engine ranking. Here we have compiled a list of common mistakes that you must avoid at all costs when carrying out SEO in Dubai. 

Links are important when optimizing the website for search engine ranking. But often businesses make mistakes when optimizing the site for SEO in Dubai by including low-quality links.

Linking sites with low domain authority can hurt your search rankings. You must check the quality of the site before adding it to your website content. You should use tools such as SEO Quake to know about the ranking and other search engine metrics of the external site. You must only add reputable sites for SEO in Dubai to boost your site’s ranking.

2. Not Optimizing Site for Mobile

Another common mistake businesses in Dubai make is ignoring mobile SEO. This is the biggest SEO mistake in 2021 that will prevent you from ranking high in search engines.

You need to make your website mobile-friendly. Your website should appear correctly on both desktop and smaller mobile screens. Consider using Yoast SEO plug-in to optimize your WordPress site for mobile viewing. 

Remember that there are no shortcuts when carrying out SEO in Dubai. Link buying is a serious SEO mistake that you should avoid at all costs.

Google will penalize sites that are found to be engaged in link buying. Removing the penalty can be a costly exercise. It is better to avoid the problem altogether by not engaging in link buying activity.

4. No Content Strategy

Not having a content strategy is another SEO mistake. Writing quality content will allow you to not only allow you to capture an online audience but it will also boost search engine ranking.

Google algorithm now ranks sites with informative content higher as compared to sites with mostly promotional content.

You must have a content strategy for your website. The content should contain high impression relevant keywords. Moreover, you need to regularly upload the content to get the attention of both the target online audience and search engines.

5. Using Short Tail Keywords                    

Targeting short tail keywords is not the right way to optimize your website for search engines. Competition for short-tail keywords is high. As a result, it is not easy to rank for keywords containing one or two words.

You should use long-tail keywords containing three or more words if you want to easily rank in search engine. Ranking for short-tail keywords like ‘SEO firm’ is not easy as compared to long-tail keywords like “best SEO agency in Dubai”. Want to get in touch with a professional SEO company in Dubai? You should contact Broll Creative Media. We can manage your SEO and social media campaigns to boost website visibility and grow your online audience. Our creative design team also offers content marketing, videography, and photo-shoot services to all types of businesses in the Emirates.

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