Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for Real Estate Businesses in Dubai?

June 7, 2021

Dubai real estate digital marketing

While Dubai has always remained an incredible hub for real estate and commercial construction, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. With greater dependency on digital marketing and online services through the last decade, the pandemic accelerated everything.

Hence, today, to do real estate business in Dubai, digital marketing has almost become a necessity. Even traditional powerhouse companies and real estate moguls need an online presence if they’re to survive. In a post coronavirus world, with the online business footprint greater than ever before, traditional marketing won’t work.

Traditional Marketing is Dying

The real estate market has been where the majority of the money circulates in Dubai. Digital marketing has begun to play a much larger role in keeping that circulation going. Several businesses don’t utilize that to their full advantage. In doing so, they’re making themselves obsolete as time passes.

Over 10 million people are on social media in the UAE. That means that a large majority of the population of Dubai is on social media too. Not using that platform for Dubai real estate digital marketing is a great lost opportunity. In fact, it’s a heap of lost opportunities which can’t be brought back.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Everything

The coronavirus pandemic has made digital marketing for real estate businesses in Dubai an absolute necessity. With more people now relying on social media, online businesses and contactless transactions, they’ve grown used to the convenience. With that has also come greater trust of online businesses. Without a choice, those that were reluctant to deal with things online were forced to adapt.

In a post coronavirus world, those same people will be unwilling to go back. The convenience and speed of online transactions and searches is unmatched. Hence, today’s real estate businesses in Dubai can’t afford to look back. This is the world they will have to adapt to.

Traditional Methods of Digital Marketing are Obsolete Now

Even with digital or online marketing, traditional methods aren’t going to work. Not only do real estate businesses need to invest in PPC marketing, but also SEO, and social media marketing. It’s time to focus on innovative ways to connect with the consumer. Today, people are looking for specific answers and specific products. They’re not interested in compromising when there’s a chance the alternative is a click away.

That’s why real estate businesses need to more closely identify their audience. With social media marketing tools, they can do so. They can even reduce costs when it comes to their marketing budget. With social media already collecting bulk data and segmenting users’ info by various metrics, it’s a goldmine of opportunities.

In Dubai real estate digital marketing doesn’t just need to become the norm, it needs to evolve. It is necessary for businesses to survive, as well as thrive.

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