Benefits of Video Production for Businesses in Dubai

March 4, 2021

cheap and affordable media production agency in Dubai

Brand visibility is important for businesses of all types. You need to highlight your services to the target market using appropriate promotional mediums. The ability of this medium makes corporate video production one of the most effective tools to connect with customers.  

Corporate video marketing can allow you to funnel maximum traffic towards your website. It allows your customers to get a close look at your product offering. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of video production for businesses in Dubai.

Tell Your Story

Video is the best medium to tell your business’s story. You can let your customers know who you are and what are the products and services you offer. It lets you tell them WHY your company is the best of the rest.

Broll Creative Media can tell a story about your company in an exciting and entertaining manner. We can create a 60-second video that will narrate your company’s story in a way that attracts the attention of customers from the moment they start the video.

Boost Brand Visibility

People love to watch videos. A survey by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) had found that nearly 80 percent of people had recalled watching a video ad in the previous month. What’s more, about 46 percent had taken an action after watching the ad.

To get an idea of how much people like videos, YouTube videos get nearly 250 million views every day! The potential of video marketing in expanding the reach of your brand is massive.

Social Media Sharing

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have millions of active users all over the world. With video sharing, you can attract the attention of a large number of customers. Posting your videos on the social media platform allows you to increase customer engagement and trust. 

People will like and share your content on the social media marketing platform. Posting informative and engaging videos on social media will allow your company to generate a ton of traffic to your website.

Increased Online Traffic

Video production can also help increase traffic to your website. Our experts can create professional videos and post them on high-traffic video streaming sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo. This is the best way to attract qualified traffic to your site.

Videos attract more traffic compared to static posts. We can create professional corporate videos for companies in Dubai. We can also post the videos on popular streaming sites that will help your company in getting discovered online and boosting sales.

Final Remarks

Video production is vital for businesses in Dubai. It is important now more than ever to add video production to your marketing budget. The expenses in video marketing will provide benefits in terms of increased customers, improved brand visibility, and enhanced profitability.

Broll Creative Media is a cheap and affordable media production agency in Dubai. We offer expert video and digital marketing services to all types of businesses in the Emirates. Our video marketing services in Emirates include high-quality indoor and outdoor video filming using professional cameras and light setup. Contact us today if you want to know more about our digital media production and marketing services.

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