How Drones are Changing Digital Marketing for Real Estate Businesses in UAE?

July 21, 2021

drones for digital marketing companies in UAE

Drones are increasingly being used in the real estate industry. These devices are capable of capturing high-quality aerial videos and still images of properties in Dubai.

A PWC study finds 83 percent of real estate managers predict support the trend of using drones in property management.  Good quality aerial photos of properties captured using drones from multiple angles can make the listing stand apart from the crowd.

In this article, you will learn how digital marketing companies in UAE are using drones as a means for promoting properties of their real estate clients.

1. Create a ‘Wow’ Factor

Marketing is all about getting your offering on the top of the mind of customers. And drone videos can help do just that. Adding drone footage of real estate can create the ‘wow’ factor for any form of digital and traditional content.

2. Close Property Deals

Real estate companies can use drones in their advertising videos to impress their target market. The videos can display the properties in the best possible light to the audience. It will also speed up the process of building appraisals and inspections. So, using drone footage will allow real estate companies to quickly close property deals.

3. Virtual Tours

Drone videography can also be used to create 360-degree virtual tours.  Drones can take virtual tours of houses for sale in the UAE. Moreover, the video footage can also be used to take tours of the neighborhood to give a feel of the surroundings to the prospective buyers.

4. Unique Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing companies in UAE can use drone footage for creating unique online marketing campaigns for real estate businesses. Aerial videos and images captured using drones stand apart from other real estate listings and content.

Using drone videos can help with capturing consumer’s attention. It can make the digital marketing strategy successful due to attracting a large number of targeted traffic towards your site.

5. Innovative Content

Videos are effective in reaching online audiences. You can use drone videos and images to create low-cost innovative content for your YouTube video channel. It can be the driving force for attracting more audiences to your real estate website.

Final Remarks

Drone footage of properties will create the best impression on target customers. Moreover, using drones is more cost-effective as compared to taking aerial photos using helicopters. Drone photography use in real estate digital marketing can help attract qualified leads and close deals fast.

But make sure that you know about the federal rules about flying drones in UAE. GCAA and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) don’t allow flying drones near airports. Moreover, you should not fly drones over private residential properties. You should download the UAE Drone Fly  Zone map to know areas where you can fly drones for capturing video footage. Want to get the help of one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai? Contact Broll Creative Media today.   Our creative design and digital marketing team offer videography and photo-shoots, social media, and online marketing in Dubai and other cities in UAE.

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