Why Businesses in Dubai Should Create an Instagram Business Profile?

April 20, 2021

Social Media Marketing

Growing your brand is about maximizing the visibility of your customer value proposition. The best way to do that is through social media management, which is one of the best ways to go about building your brand. 

Social media sites offer great opportunities for you to connect with online audiences. One social media platform that is often surprisingly overlooked by most businesses in Dubai is Instagram.

Instagram Business lets you share stories about your company. In this post, you will learn how Instagram Business is different than standard Instagram accounts. In addition, you will learn the benefits of creating an Instagram profile for companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Instagram Business: An Overview

A standard Instagram account allows you to share images with followers. But there aren’t many options beyond that. With Instagram Business Account, you have more options when it comes to connecting with the online audience.

Creating an Instagram Business account should be an important social media marketing strategy for businesses in Dubai.

The best thing about Instagram Business is that it’s free. But there are many other reasons as well for creating a business profile on Instagram.

Create a Detailed Profile

Regular Instagram accounts have limited space for creating a profile. You can add only 150 characters and one link to the profile.

With the Instagram Business account, you will have more space to add more information about your company. You can add connect buttons such as call and email. But that’s not all! You can also create a button to get directions of your business in the United Arab Emirates.

Businesses can also create a link to different websites using Sked Link. The online tool allows you to connect to multiple destinations. You can create a link to a landing page for affiliate links, promotional offers, and more without having to modify the profile link.

Run Advertisements

Yet another reason you should create an Instagram Business account is that it allows you to run ads and build a brand image. You can promote your posts to drive more followers to your website. Businesses can promote any posts within the app.

Get Detailed Insights

An important feature of Instagram Business is insights and analytics. With the business account, you can get detailed insights about online user engagement such as:

  • Top posts in the past week, month, year, or two years
  • Top Location of fans
  • Total impressions in a week
  • Engagement, reach, and impressions of top posts
  • Gender breakdown of fans

Get in Touch with Us Today!

Instagram Business will take your social media marketing strategy to the next level. Creating a business account will allow you to engage with your online followers. It will provide social proof, thereby gaining credibility with your online followers.

People will flock to your page if they know that it is the official account. For more information on how businesses in the United Arab Emirates can create a strong social media presence, you should contact Broll Creative Media FZ-LLC. We have a team of highly experienced media production professionals. Our cheap and affordable media production agency in Dubai will help you create a strong online presence.

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